The Polar Pen is a product sold on Vat19 that costs $48.99 or $43.99, depending on the style.

The Polar Pen
Sliver Version
Price $43.99 to $48.99
Available Yes

Site Description Edit

The Polar Pen is the first writing utensil held together entirely with magnets. Using 12 rare-earth magnet segments that form a tube around the ink cartridge, the pen can easily be constructed or destructed in a snap.

Have some free time on your hands or working through some writer's block? The long-lasting magnets will provide hours of entertainment for your fidgeting fingers. Get the cap to snap on without even touching it or reverse the polarity and watch the magnets repel each other for jedi-force fun.

This attractive pen also boasts a stylus for those times that you need to move your work to an electronic surface. The stylus works with any capacitive touch screen. And if you run out of ink, just pick up any compatible 0.4 mm refill and get back to signing all those autographs, ya star.

Available in silver, gold, and gunmetal black finishes.