The Room Made of Gummy Bears
Jon and Joey drinking from the Gummy Shot Glasses.
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Release Date April 5 2010
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Gummy Shot Glasses


Gummy Shot Glasses







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Jon and Joey are sitting down in an apartment while eating gummy bears. Jon asks Joey how they are ever going to get girls, and uses Usher and T-Pain as an example. He says that the patron they use are too expensive. Joey replies that they will never get girls to drink "this nasty stuff". Jon smells the bottle with a disgusted reaction and agrees. Shortly after agreeing, he thinks that it would be better if it tasted like a gummy bear. A ding is heard and liquid pouring as Jon and Joey look at each other with their mouths open. The song begins after Jon gets up. After the song, Jamie Salvatori says GUMMY SHOT GLASSES, BUY THEM NOW AT VAT19.COM, VAT19.COM, PURVEYORS OF CURIOUSLY AWESOME PRODUCTS.


Girl it starts real fresh

And takes you on a journey

These shots so ill

You'll be leavin' on a gurney

So bottoms up

Momma didn't raise a dummy

Me and Jeff gettin' crunk

Doin' shots of gummy

Girl don't even fight it

I know you wanna bite it

You sound so excited

Before you even tried it

Baby I was wrong

And you know I'm gonna right it

Send you gummy shotsUPS overnight it 

Girl, you make the champagne pop

Oh girl, I wanna buy you a shot

Say girl, on the couch I'mma save you a spot

Oh girl, you know I got the bathtub hot 

Well you know I can't afford

No expensive brandy

So I pour an Old Crow

And chase it down with candy

Cuz it's breakin' my heart

That I caused you painYou can tell by the slo-mo

Yell in the rain

Baby girl, say the word

When you're home alone

I'll be on your doorstep

With a shot of Patrón

Then I'll take you to the beach

In the Florida Keys

Or a real nice dinner

At an Applebee's Break down

In the middle of the spot

I'mma buy another round

While you checkin' these shots

The money shot

The rims shot

Butt shot

Body shot

Not rapping shot

Bad metaphor shot? 

Girl, you make the champagne pop

Oh girl, I wanna buy you a shot

Say girl, I wanna take you on a cruise on my yacht

Oh girl, I gotta admit it's not a real yacht.

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